Hello,<BR><BR>I have a question regarding client side "checking" for a radiobuttonlist control value and would appreciate some help.<BR><BR>I have a radioButtonList with two options to it:<BR>(1) Add a new department<BR>(2) Delete a department<BR><BR>I am trying to do some client validation such that if option (1) is selected, I make sure a textbox is filled in and a dropdown list of currently existing departments is disabled. If option (2) is selected I want to gray the background of the textbox, disable it and enable the dropdownlist. I want this all to be done on the client.<BR><BR>I have been looking at many examples of client side validation but I haven&#039;t found any code that fits my exact situation.<BR><BR>I have setup a custom validation control and routine that I call which I can retrieve the value of the item but not which of the items is selected.<BR><BR>Here is some code:<BR>a.) I define my radiobuttonlist on my page:<BR>&#060;asp:radiobuttonlist id="rblOptions" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"&#062;<BR>&#060;asp:ListItem Value="add" Selected="True"&#062;<BR>Add a new department<BR>&#060;/asp:ListItem&#062;<BR>&#060;asp:ListItem Value="delete"&#062;<BR>Delete a department<BR>&#060;/asp:ListItem&#062;<BR>&#060;/asp:radiobuttonlist&#062;<BR><BR>b.) In the page_load for this form I add the attribute necessary to call a client side routine when I click on the radiobuttonlist:<BR><BR>Me.rblOptions.Attributes.A dd("onclick", "optionsSetup();")<BR><BR>c.) In the javascript routine "optionsSetup()", I can access the value of each of the options ("add" for (1), "delete" for (2))but I am having trouble writing the code to figure out which one is currently selected.<BR><BR>Please be specific and provide s code snippet if possible. Thanks for your assistance, I appreciate it.<BR><BR>Dave