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    Frances Guest

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    All dates are returned as mm/dd/yy when I use an ASP page to call them from my Access database. In New Zealand we use dd/mm/yy. I already checked the input locales on the server. The dates display correctly (i.e. dd/mm/yy) in the Access database. How can I change the way it displays on the web page?

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    alphageek Guest

    Default Date Formatting

    Hi Frances:<BR><BR> New Zealand a nice place? Sounds so much warmer there than here in Pennsylavnia, with the ocean all around and everything. Anyway, here&#039s one way to change it over:<BR><BR>fdate = {date in mm/dd/yy format) <BR>mydateddmmyy = mid(fdate,4,3) & left(fdate,3) & right(fdate,2)<BR><BR>There are those who don&#039t dig string functions, claiming they are too slow, but this should be almost unnoticeable.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR>~Ben<BR>

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    Frances Guest

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    Thank you!!!!

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