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    Katherin Guest

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    Has anyone else experienced this???<BR>My Select Case is not acknowledging strings that have spaces in them. (For example: space between the words "Cadd" and "Services" below) I checked for misspells and case-sensitivity - all are OK. I can use TRIM if need be, but really want to maintain my string with spaces. This is affecting about 20 of my entries. I can&#039t find anything in my books about this problem ... Any help would be great!<BR><BR>Many thanks.<BR>**********************<BR><BR>Select Case oMainDeptName.value<BR>Case "Cadd Services"<BR>oMainDeptNumber.value = "351" <BR>...<BR><BR>

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    Karl Guest

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    This probably isn&#039t going to help much, but it should work. I&#039d suggest your problem isn&#039t with the spaces, but with something unexpected happening. I&#039d recommend you did some debugging, make sure that the value you are checking, oMainDeptName.value, is actually what you are expecting it to be.<BR><BR>I looked over a program I did for an employer, and this is what I used (which is basically the same thing you did)..<BR><BR>SELECT CASE ListBy<BR> Case "All Jobs"<BR> sqlJob = "blah blah blah"<BR>end select<BR><BR>hope somehow, this helps.<BR>--<BR>Karl

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    Katherin Guest

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    Thanks for the info. I&#039m going to tackle this thing one way or another.

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