"Like" operator doesn't work over ODBC?

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Thread: "Like" operator doesn't work over ODBC?

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    Ben Roy Guest

    Default "Like" operator doesn't work over ODBC?

    Trying to send open an ADO recordset from an Access DB which contains a "WHERE xxxxx LIKE oooo" and getting an error back from the ODBC driver telling me I can&#039t use a "like" statement. Any ideas? Something similar that works?

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    Karl Guest

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    I&#039d probably have to see your sql statement to see exactly what&#039s going on..but it should work..here&#039s what it should look like...<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM T_Link WHERE K_Type = " & TypeID & " AND C_Desc1 LIKE &#039%" & SearchFor & "%&#039"<BR><BR>and if you output that field where K_type = 3 and SearchFor = "Asp Help" you&#039d get the following statement...<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM T_Link WHERE K_Type = 3 AND C_Desc1 LIKE &#039%ASP Help%&#039<BR><BR>I hope this helps!<BR>

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