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    I am storing an integer as a session variable. Early in the code I put:<BR>session("myvar") = 51<BR>Later when I come to change this number(add an integer variable) it errors out with a type mismatch- I tried doing my sum in seperate variable(function worked) and converting the result with CStr(), for example<BR>session("myvar") = CStr(aggvariable)<BR><BR>Still type mismatch...? how can I tell it I want to store just numbers? I check the session variable with vartype() and it is recorded as a string.....<BR>pls help<BR>thanks<BR>

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    cInt(var) or cLng(var)

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    You need to make sure it knows you are storing a number by doing...<BR><BR>session("myvar") = CINT("variable")

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