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    This question&#039s feels so STUPID - it should be in the humor section. However, I admit that I&#039m clueless. Before I attempt to write a line of code - can anyone tell me what I need installed on my computer? I know the following: My server runs IIS 4.0 on NT with service pack 6. My desktop system runs Win98. I have Dreamweaver. What else do I need.? What books should I buy (Beginning ASP 2.0, etc)? What additional software (if any) do I need? Do I need to learn Visual Basic first?

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    well ms. fleise,<BR>install PWS from the win98 cd it&#039s in the addons folder. You need this in order to preview the pages on your pc - otherwise you&#039ll have to write/upload pages/look over you internet connection/edit/upload/etc... There are some tips about getting it right on this site, and others.<BR>If you have problems, put up another post - I&#039ll check back.<BR><BR>As for using ASP, I use DW3 and handcode the asp - I&#039ve been learning it off of sites like this one. I have no idea what books are good but I&#039d think a basic VB book - at least for reference might be good.<BR><BR>best of luck<BR>-fatty

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    Don&#039t worry, it isn&#039t a stupid question. We all start somewhere. Off the bat, I have to recommend that you get Option Pack 4 for NT. This will update your version of IIS on the server (if you have sufficient access to the server in order to install software).<BR><BR><BR> On your development station, Dreamweaver 2 or 3 is fine for basic layout of tables, frames and images. I use that to develop the over-all interface, including forms, etc. But, honestly, I cannot recommend any product more than Textpad. Textpad is available at, it&#039s shareware, functions forever and has some of the COOLEST capabilities for raw ASP and HTML coding I&#039ve found. I&#039ve been using it for about a year or so now and can&#039t live without it.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>-Numlock

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