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Thread: embedded table shifts?

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    Default embedded table shifts?

    I have a table (created w/asp) embedded within a table.<BR>Sometimes: when the mouse goes over a link in the primary table, the embedded table will shift to the left about 50% hiding the left half of the table behind the cell to the right in the primary table.<BR>Anyone know what&#039s causing this?

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    fatty (more) Guest

    Default Oy! more...

    I thought maybe it was some wierd alignment thing so I set the parent table cell&#039s alignment to "center" and the embedded table to center (inside the &#060;table tag&#062;).<BR>It looked fine then it did it again - exactly 50% over losing half the info...

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    Default RE: Oy! more...

    do you have a mouseover event on a link?

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    fatty Guest

    Default None at all

    I use css hovers but not a single MouseOver<BR><BR>(sorry - shoulda said that in the first)

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