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    I am not sure where else to post this question, so, here goes.<BR><BR>I have a web based search that needs to be run on as many clients as possible. I need to validate the form, but I can&#039t use JavaScript because it needs to work on WebTV and the like.<BR><BR>My question is this- how do you all validate forms (code is not necessarily needed, but approaches you took is what I want) when you need it to be totally generic? I could use asp, but then I forcing the client to use the back button or something, and I would prefer that not be done.<BR><BR>Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to provide

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    Hi Chris:<BR><BR> It is almost impossible to validate without JavaScript and without leaving the page. Here is one possible solution using ASP, though:<BR><BR>1) In the HTML page, use ASP to set each form field equal to a reflexive variable (same as the field name) using the QueryString. Also, add an alert area (also from the QueryString or Session), but not as a form value.<BR><BR>2) Do all the validation in the referred page (ASP), but if something is wrong, set the alert variable and send back to the original page along with a clone of the passed QueryString, so it will look something like this:<BR><BR>response.redirect "mypage.asp?" & Request.QueryString & "&myalertvar=" & myalertmessage<BR><BR>However, if it is OK, pass it onto the next page using a similar statement.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR>~Ben

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