Can cdonts have dynamic attatchments?

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Thread: Can cdonts have dynamic attatchments?

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    Hello, one thing that is bugging me to high heaven is one line of code that cripples this one an attachment to cdonts that is to be based on the form values of a previous page. Let me explain quickly.<BR><BR>after two checkboxes are selected, each value is a text file in a directory, the dynamic attachment is supposed to recognize the files requested, and send them out to the user.<BR><BR>That is the problem, is this possible? Do I NEED if/then statments.<BR><BR>I was lucky enough to receive help in the logic/scripting of approaching that challenge, but the one line that f&#039s it all up is the attatchment...why can&#039t it just attatch multiple files based on user selection? If so, how can I do it so it works. Meaning, the syntax.<BR><BR>Thanks...

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    Do you have to have multiple atachments? Have you tried including the email function inside the loop so it sends an email for every checkbox?

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    The loop is in the script I was provided with. It has NO errors UNLESS I check the boxes, then the attatchment line causes the weird.<BR><BR>If I comment out the attatchment and use response write, to see if the checkbox values show correctly, they do. WIth the attatchment line in the script, it ONLY shows the first checkbox value, with that god awful UNSPECIFIED ERROR...maybe I should show the simple code and it will make more sense as to what may be wrong?<BR><BR>This is nuts that it is not working...<BR><BR>Thanks for your time so far, I appreciate it.

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