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    B.H.Carr Guest

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    Is a cookie created on the users machine for every ASP page, or only when Session variables are being used?

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    From how I understand it only one cookie (SessionID) is sent to the user when they first arrive at your site, starting a session. This Id cookie is then used to look up any session varibles on the server. Session varibles are not stored on the users machine as cookies. Think of the SessionID as a locker key to the locker stored on the server. Other then that the only other cookies that are sent to the user are one&#039s you send yourself.<BR><BR>Pete

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    B.H. Carr Guest

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    Thanks for the response.<BR><BR>My understanding is that the SessionId is created on the web server, not the client. I almost believe that all Session variables are stored on the web server, and client-side cookies are only instantiated when you specifically use the cookie object and methods.<BR><BR>For instance, if a SessionId cookie is set upon the first visit to an ASP page (merely because it uses ASP), then I should have a cookie on my system right now from hitting this site. But I don&#039t! I also just finished visiting a site that I created and know that it uses Session variables. There is still no cookie on my system.<BR><BR>Any thoughts...Anyone?

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    Conrad Guest

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    You are right that the session ID is created on the server, and that the session variables are all kept on the server.<BR><BR>You do have a session ID cookie. It is a memory-based cookie (disappears when you close the browser), not a disk-based cookie. My guess is that you are assuming that since there is no file on your machine, that you have no cookie.

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