I&#039m a relatively new user of Visual Interdev 6.0. The problem is <BR>strange (to me at least) and reproducible. I am trying to call <BR>a stored procedure on a SQL Server box running NT Server 4.0 which is also functioning as the master web server. I am using the syntax: <BR> &#060;%thisPage.createDE() <BR> rtnVal = DE.&#060;data_command_name&#062;(arguments) %&#062; <BR><BR>The strange part is that I have one stored procedure call that works this way. However, it took me a while and I wasn&#039t sure what I changed to get it to work. Now its time for another stored procedure call and the same error message is coming up: <BR> Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01b6&#039 <BR> Object doesn&#039t support this property or method: &#039Unpack&#039 <BR> /DRF/Receiving/usps.asp, line 26 <BR><BR>This is the same error message I got the first time, but eventually fixed somehow. Stranger even still is that it will work when I am in Local Mode (the UPDATEs are in the tables and everything) but not in Master Mode. <BR><BR>I thought what made the difference the first time around was specifying values in the "parameters" tab of the "add data command" window, but obviously not since this 2nd time around I&#039m doing the same thing.