I was wondering if anyone had this same problem. In sql online help, it states that the date is defaulted to Jan 1, 1900 if only a time is entered. However, whenever we insert a date without a time, it defaults to 12,30,1899. This causes a problem when we do time comparisions. <BR><BR>Ex. we have 12:00 am in the db. the database defaults it to<BR>12,30,1899 12:00 am. <BR><BR>say <BR>if dbrst("dttime") = 12:00 am then &#060;--is 12:00 am 1-1-1900 to db.<BR><BR>the statement above will return false because the db defaults the non db time to 12:00 am 1-1-1900.<BR><BR><BR>Please help...<BR><BR><BR>