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    Matthew Deeks Guest

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    Help.<BR><BR>I would like to have a facility to upload jpeg images to a site. <BR>The site will need to have an updateable product list with pictures.<BR><BR>Is there any article/s on how to do this?<BR><BR>Should I store the image in a database or should I store the image in a shared folder and the location of the image in the database?<BR><BR>Thankyou<BR><BR>

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    Branavan K Guest

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    There is an ie only activexcontrol, called activeupload, which allows a client to drag and drop a file on a web page and that file is ftped over to the server. That activexcontrol also has on fire events to catch the name of the file, which you can then incorporate with an asp page to insert the file name into a database. This way all the client has to do is drag and drop the image and the database is automatically updated and the file is automatically ftped over to the server. But the activexcontrol is IE only. <BR><BR>

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    branavank Guest

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    if you are interested you can find a demo version <BR>here www.activeupload.com

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