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    Kate Guest

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    How do I gets an SQL search using "Like "*....*" to work in ASP<BR>eg<BR><BR>SELECT Hotels.HotelID, Hotels.HotelName, Hotels.Description, Hotels.Town<BR>FROM Hotels<BR>WHERE (((Hotels.Town) Like "*St. Andrews*"));<BR><BR>This won&#039t work in my asp code.<BR>Is there an alternative way to do this?<BR><BR>please help ,<BR>Kate

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    Use % not *. That should do it. Also, you have one to many ().

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    Gumman Guest

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    Hi <BR><BR>I&#039m wondering how I can do a textsearch through a field in my SQL db with part of words, If I try to find a word with the letters apa in the middle or in the end of it or a sentence with apa in it.<BR><BR>Can you help me please<BR><BR>//Gumman

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