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    Vidya Guest

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    Set rs = conn.Execute("select * from tabname where dept=&#039"&session("dept")&"&#039 and max(DateofPost) order by dept")<BR><BR>How do i get the latest date from a table?<BR><BR>i need to retrieve all details of the latest date entry for a particular dept.

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    Franco Guest

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    Vidya dude<BR><BR>try:<BR><BR>select * from tabname where dept=&#039"&session("dept")&"&#039 and DateOfPost = max(DateofPost) order by dept<BR><BR>(ie add "DateOfPost = ")<BR><BR>Good luck<BR><BR>Franco

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    Vidya Guest

    Default Oops!!! Another Problem

    The error message is that:<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot have aggregate function in WHERE clause (dept=&#039Finance&#039 Or dept=&#039Industry&#039 And DateofPost=max(DateofPost)). <BR><BR>How can i get the latest date??<BR>

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    SELECT *<BR>FROM tabName WHERE Dateofpost IN<BR> (SELECT MAX(dateofpost)<BR> FROM CallingModule<BR> WHERE dept = &#039"&Session("dept")&"&#039)<BR>order by dept<BR>

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