urgent please help!! abt calculations

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Thread: urgent please help!! abt calculations

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    hi all<BR><BR>i am displaying records and each record has a amount and at the end i want to show the<BR>total of all amount.<BR><BR>say like this.<BR><BR>name amount<BR><BR>george $10<BR>mark $50<BR>ben $40<BR><BR><BR>total $100<BR><BR>also please note, sometimes 1 record might be displayed or even 5 records or 10 records.<BR><BR>say like<BR><BR>george $10<BR>ben $40<BR><BR>total $50<BR><BR>the records are displayed using<BR><BR>do while not rst.eof<BR><BR>loop<BR><BR>awaiting your reply<BR><BR>cheers guys<BR>ray

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    You can store your running total in a session variable. Init the variable, such as total to zero before your loop logic. In the loop, you can insert the following:<BR>session("Total") = session("Total") + amount<BR>At the end of the loop, display session("Total")<BR><BR>I hope I understood your problem correctly. If so, this should work.<BR><BR>PatP

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