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    Bob Ellison Guest

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    When I use adCmdTable in my method<BR>I get "variable not defined" returned<BR>If I use the constant 2 instead of adCmdTable everything<BR>works fine. I&#039m using ADO 2.5, Win 95 with PWS.<BR>Any ideas ?????

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    The asp pages themselves do not recognize the built in asp constants. In order to use adCmdTable and the like in your asp code, you have to declare it as having a value so that your page can understand it:<BR><BR>adCmdTable = 2<BR><BR>Then you can use the variable. Somewhere in what gets downloaded to your computer when you installed ADO 2.5, there should be a text file that has all these declared for you and you can have this as an include file on your page. I can&#039t remember what this file is called though<BR>

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    Bob Ellison Guest

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    The file name is<BR>But if I am only using a couple of constants<BR>can I not save some memory and speed up performance<BR>by declaring them, especially considering that <BR>vbscripts variables are variants ?

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