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    Default Use "LIKE" in ASP

    Hi.<BR><BR>Im trying to use the LIKE command in ASP but it doesn´t work.<BR>It works ok in Visual Basic, so is this one of those VB to ASP cutt-offs or what?<BR>Anyone know what I can use instead?

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    BS Guest

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    What is the Database u r using?bcos it varies with every database.

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    Default Not a DB

    Im not using a Database, that´s the problem.<BR>I wanna compare two textstrings like this:<BR><BR>if "*a*" like "xax" then....

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    Skippie Guest

    Default Then use InStr

    Use the InStr function. It stands for "In String".<BR>It returns the position of the first occurance of<BR>one string inside another.<BR><BR>If InStr("xax","a") &#062; 0 Then<BR>** It is within the string **<BR>Else<BR>** It is not within the string **<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>-- Skippie<BR>

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    What about regular expressions? You need version 5 of the Microsoft&#039s scripting engines for this, however.

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