How do I get time??

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Thread: How do I get time??

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    My code are as follow:<BR><BR>order = "insert into Orders "<BR>order = order & " (OrderSeq, OrderNo, StationID, TimeIn) values "<BR>order = order & " (&#039"& oseq &"&#039, &#039"& onum &"&#039, &#039T1&#039, "<BR>order = order & gettime() & ")"<BR><BR>--------<BR>I can&#039t get a time.. what&#039s wrong with my code? Would appreciate any advice please. Thank you.

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    Franco Guest

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    Robin<BR><BR>Try something along the lines of CONVERT(datetime, getdate(), 108).<BR><BR>Look up "CAST and CONVERT (T-SQL)" on "SQL Server Books Online" for more details.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR><BR>Franco

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    Dan Karas Guest

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    If you just want the system time appended to the &#039order&#039 string, try using the TIME() function instead of GETTIME<BR><BR>btw, a handy vbScript reference is at:<BR>

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