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    I&#039m using access as my database and I&#039m having problems adding new records through ASP applications. They always seem to put "0" as the AutoNumber and I can&#039t seem to edit the ASP script to where I can change the AutoNumber. <BR><BR>Thank you very much for any help or ideas,<BR>Pete

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    Pete,<BR><BR>You shouldn&#039t need to manually work with the autonumber yourself: when a new record is added, Access or SQL S. should give you a new primary key value. Say, if you had a table called Books with fields BookID (autonumber), BookName and BookAuthor, you would insert values in this fashion:<BR><BR>INSERT INTO Books (BookName, BookAuthor) VALUES (&#039ASP for beginners&#039, &#039Workshy Programmers Inc.&#039)<BR><BR>(only joking guys)<BR><BR>hth<BR>Franco

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