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    therma Guest

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    I a web site build with all asp pages and have noticed a very irregular problem.<BR>At random times, pages are completely downloaded and displayed but the browser (both IE and Netscape) are still trying to download something. The message on the status bar is always something like &#039 4 items to be downloaded&#039. <BR>Two things make no sense to me:<BR> 1. the page is completely displayed and there is nothing else to download<BR> 2. This occurs at completely random time and on radom pages throughout the site. It may happen.. I close my browser and open up the same page and it doesn&#039t happen.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>-Tom

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    Rob Guest

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    If there is dB integration in the page, make sure all the queries have ended or there is not one trying to run. If you close all your database connection objects (round robin) you will at tleast get an error message where this is happening.<BR><BR><BR>Do you have na endless loop in there? Probably not if the page will<BR>let you refresh. If not, make sure you do not havw a for loop<BR><BR>or something that is still going.<BR><BR>

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