i got a pre-loading script from htmlgoodies.com, here it is:<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"&#062;<BR>&#060;!-- hide from none JavaScript Browsers <BR><BR>Image1= new Image(175,50)<BR>Image1.src = "image1.gif"<BR><BR>Image2 = new Image(25,30)<BR>Image2.src = "image2.gif"<BR><BR>Image3 = new Image(125,80)<BR>Image3.src = "image3.gif"<BR><BR>// End Hiding --&#062;<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>ok, i edited the places where it says new Image(X,X) and "imageX.gif". is that right? when i test it, it tells me that an object is expected on character 1 of Image1= new Image(175,50)<BR><BR>am i editing it right? what&#039s happening?