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    Grubby Guest

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    This is the hyperlink: <BR><BR>&#060;A HREF="mailto:?subject=Customer Complaint Notification&Body=<BR>This message is to notify you of a customer complaint that has been logged and requires your attention. Please view customer complaint log &#060;%=Session("Association")%&#062; at http://powwins3/complaints/ComplaintsReport2.asp?CustomerNum=&#060;%=Session( "Association")%&#062;&#039&#062;<BR><BR>I want an active link to show up in the message. This active link also has a parameter in its querystring ( ?CustomerNum=...)<BR>but instead of nesting it in the email&#039s BODY parameter it is truncating it so the hyperlink in the email looks like<BR>http://powwins3/complaints/complaintsreport2.asp<BR>and thats it without the &#039?ComplaintNum=XXX&#039. Can someone tell me if what I&#039m doing is possible? (using mailto)

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    Pedantic Bill Guest

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    Look at the method<BR> Server.URLEncode<BR>in your ASP documentation.<BR><BR><BR>

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    davie G Guest

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    You don&#039t understand what I am saying. Using URLEncode does the same thing as manually encoding the characters into hexidecimal characters. The way it interprets it is still the same. Isn&#039t there some sort of escape character so it will read the "?" as just another character?

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    Pedantically Wrong Bill Guest

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    Ah! Sorry! I completely misread your post originally.<BR><BR>No, I don&#039t think what you are trying can work.<BR><BR>Even if you could get it to work with one browser and one <BR>email server, the odds of getting it to work across the <BR>board are vanishingly small.<BR><BR>I would guess that you&#039ll have to use an email sending<BR>component (CDONTS or AspMail) if you want that much control<BR>over the contents of the message.

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