I have written a component dll in vb6 that dynamically creates MSGraph bar or line charts based on an input array and other settable properties. Basically the vb6 dll unpacks the input array and uses the Excel 8.0 "chart" objects to actually chart the data. Other properties control the charts titles, axis fonts, etc. Once the chart is rendered, another 3rd party dll converts it to a gif image<BR><BR>It runs fine when the site NOT set to "Run in a separate memory space" But,....when I set the site to "Run in a separate memory space" it has problems using the Excel objects. Basically what happens is it outputs a default chart (the same one I see on the form design view in vb6) I know the data is getting to the program. What this means to my component tries to chart the data and cant, yet the 3rd party dll that makes the gif is accessable since I get a gif output.<BR>I have read alot about the metabase and "AspAllowOutOfProcComponents" but none of it seems to help any.<BR>ref:<BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/server/components/outproc.asp<BR>Anyone have any ideas?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Mike