I am redesigning my company&#039s intranet site to include tightened user security and access levels. This is going to be very intensive because one individual may have a completley unique set of authorizations from anyone else in the company.<BR>I have divided the site into roughly 30 sections, each section can be divided into 5 categories:<BR>0 = no access<BR>1 = read only<BR>2 = read, modify<BR>3 = read, modify, add<BR>4 = superuser (able to view,change, etc everything AND have access any administrative features for that section)<BR><BR>So, if I were a technician, for example, I would have the following access levels (these are completely arbitrary):<BR>section1 = 2<BR>section2 = 2<BR>section3 = 0<BR>. <BR>.<BR>.<BR>section30 = 1<BR><BR>A manager would have a level of "4" for all sections pertaining to his dept, while a temp may have a "1" in only the sections he or she was hired to work in. (I, on the other hand, would have a "4" in all sections because I am so cool). :o)<BR>There is no order to the sections, and a user&#039s access level may change at any time, depending on what projects the user is working on and what info they need access to.<BR>I have done a little research on the best way to handle this, and it looks like session variables may be the EASIEST way to implement this. I would only create a session variable to represent each section, but only create it if the user had a level higher than 0.<BR><BR>Any input on this would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!