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    Dan H Guest

    Default Script timeout problems

    Is there anything that can be done to prevent a script from timing out? If not is there a way that it can be dealt with from within the script? Prehaps if a script is taking too long to execute would I be able to halt execution and response.redirect to re-load it into hte browser? Thanx...

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    icabod Guest

    Default Reasons why script's time-out...

    Scripts will time out for several reasons:<BR><BR>1.) Client not responding well enough to server.<BR>- This doesn&#039t happen that often with anything over a 14.4 modem.. this is most likely not your problem.<BR><BR>2.) Server not responding.<BR>- The server cannot handle the amount of traffic you have.<BR><BR>3.) Script looping.<BR>- There is a loop in the script that stretches to infinity. Adding a redirect to this will only make it worse.<BR><BR>I&#039d guess that the timeout error is being caused by some whacky code in your script, or an overloaded server. Either, putting a timer and a redirect in there will only make things worse. Try debugging your code. See what develops<BR><BR>Happy Prog&#039in.

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    Dan H Guest

    Default RE: Reasons why script's time-out...

    thanx icabod, i appreciate your input. this particular situation is a little different however. this script runs beautifully and is set up to run every 1/2 hour on the hour. for two days straight it ran without a hitch. then, into the third day it timed out. this script is part of a calendar application i&#039ve developed so it establishes a mapi session and logs on to an exchange server. i have a feeling it is crapping out at the point where it&#039s logging on to exchange. again it happens very infrequently (but does happen) so if i were able to trap it, then reload the form i think that would work in this instance. any other ideas would be appreciated...

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    icabod Guest

    Default Ok.. that's beyond me :)

    I know nothing about exchange servers and the like. I thought it was something simple (since most of the posts on this board are).<BR><BR>One possible solution is to increase the server timeout in IIS.. although you&#039d want to be careful with that. Not 100% sure, tho.<BR><BR>Hope you find the answer.<BR><BR>I&#039m just curious.. I need to have a script executed on a timer.. I thought this was not possible with ASP, since it required a client to trigger the event...<BR><BR>I&#039m interested in knowing how you did the timer...<BR><BR>

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    Dan H Guest

    Default RE: Ok.. that's beyond me :)

    well icabod, that is how i am repeating the execution of this script. when it completes executing i redirect it to a seperate .asp that when loaded into the browser contains a meta refresh tag whose url re-runs the script:<BR>&#060;META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="300; URL=CalendarContent.asp?Count=&#060;%=Count%&#062; "&#062;<BR><BR>thanx for your help

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    icabod Guest

    Default Oh i see

    I thought that you were doing it without having a broser window open all the time.. although in any dedicated server situation this would work great.

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