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    I would like to know, with ASP when you access databases for deleting, modifying or adding data entries, if the way you would do it for Access 2000 db&#039s and SQL 7 db&#039s are different. The language you use in the ASP to access it is JetSQL, but does that work for SQL databases and Access Databases? If there is a difference, where can i find a reference to the language used for SQL 7?

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    I don&#039t understand exactly what your saying, but there isn&#039t any major difference in the Adding, Amending and Removing Statements in Access or SQL - They both effectively use the MSSQL language and are therefore very similar...<BR><BR>I do work in Both (Primarily SQL 7.0) and haven&#039t noticed any major differences with the 2... and if I have come across any differences, they aren&#039t that difficult to figure out alternatives.<BR>

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