Hi !<BR>I need help implementing 2 search random numbers.<BR>One works wonderfull .<BR> ...<BR>set rs=server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>set Number = conn.Execute("SELECT Count (*) AS COUNT FROM<BR>BOOKS")<BR>nummer= Number("COUNT")<BR>Randomize()<BR>id=Int(Rnd * nummer + 1)<BR>sql="Select * From BOOKS WHERE BOOK_ID=" & id <BR>Randomize()<BR>id=Int(Rnd * nummer + 1)<BR>id2=Int(Rnd * nummer + 1)<BR>if id=id2 then<BR>id2=Int(Rnd * nummer + 1)<BR> end if<BR> set BOOKSRs = conn.Execute(sql)<BR> rs.Open sql,conn<BR> Response.Write rs("TITLE")<BR> .....<BR> tried this:<BR> sql="Select * From BOOKS WHERE BOOK_ID=" & id2 <BR> &#039but it won&#039t work.It gives me the BOOK_ID=id info.<BR>id and id2 work.<BR>(my DB is only 10 books)<BR>Actually what I have to do is present 2 random<BR> books each time the page loads.And they have to be the latest...ha ha<BR>How do I make the 2nd id to upload?<BR>tried this but it gives me a syntax error which<BR>I can&#039t resolve:<BR> Response.Write rs("SELECT BOOK_ID FROM BOOKS WHERE BOOK_ID=&#039" & ID2 & "&#039)"<BR>----<BR>HELPPPPPPPPP<BR>Please ...HELP.....<BR>Thank you.<BR>Nicol