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Thread: ASP hangs, other requests work

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    We face a severe, mysterious bug in Topaz/AW :<BR>A client calls the site (the server), which activates an ASP page. That ASP page uses an ADO RecordSet object. The page queries an SQL database table into the RecordSet object, and writes its contents into ASP&#039s Response object. From time to time (but quite frequently) the ASP page execution hangs when it<BR>accesses the Value property of an ADO Field object, which is a part of the RecordSet object.<BR>The problem is not with the database, since following calls to the server with the same request do succeed.<BR><BR>Has anyone faced or heard about a similar problem, and knows a solution for it?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Ron Burdo

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    What OS are you using? What version of IIS? Are you retreiving Blob fields from the SQL database when this happens?

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