Is there a method I can use to pull only the left block of text from a string? (without doing a search though the string for a space or symbol)<BR>i.e. x="1234 567 242 11123"<BR>I want to be able to do a parse through x, pulling out each value individually.<BR>something like y=left(x, ?unknown?)<BR>x=right(x, len(x)-(len(y)+1))<BR><BR>then go back through it and so forth.<BR>I&#039m trying to avoid searching for the space. (through a for/next len(x))<BR>If you have no idea, but know the syntax for the search & ascii value for space, please post.<BR>i.e.<BR>for y=1 to len(x)<BR>if mid(x,y,1)= asc(?space?) then ...<BR><BR>next<BR><BR>many thanks<BR>fatty