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    I&#039m stumped. I don&#039t want to write a 2000 line if/then/end if statement, but I have a decompression dive table that would give results based on depth AND time but there are just too many varioations (i.e. 10 feet & 30mins to 160 feet & 5 mins) I can&#039t figure out how to pass it to an array to check. Excel has a "lookup" equation that will look at an array/table... anyone have any ideas

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    hope the following code will get started: <BR>&#060;%<BR>dim myKey,A,B<BR>myKey=1<BR>A=Array("A","B","C","D")<B R>B=Array("1","2","3","4")<BR>response.write A(myKey) & " x " & B(myKey) & "<BR>"<BR><BR>&#039&#039Also:<BR>for i=0 to uBound(B)<BR>for ii=0 to Ubound(A)<BR>myVar=A(ii)& " x " & B(i)<BR>response.write "<BR>" & myVar<BR>next<BR>next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>jw<BR>mega

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