This one&#039s harder to explain than to solve - probably! My site currently serves a small graphic logo to many external sites. The external sites get this logo by referring not directly to my image but to an ASP program that notes what site is asking for the logo, modifies some data and then redirects the referring site to the GIF logo itself.<BR><BR>That all works fine, but I want to modify things so that one of a number of logos could be served. When a surfer clicks on my logo on the external sites, I want to know which logo was served. Sounds easy, but here are the two problems. (1) All external sites have a hard coded (unchangeable) link to my home page, so I can&#039t do anything there and (2) I could note which logo was served at the point it was served - but there is a fundamental problem with this. If a site gets logo 1 for surfer "A", then surfer "B" goes to the same site which then gets logo 2, if both surfers click on the logo to get to my site, how at that point do I know which clicked which logo? If I noted which logo was served to the external site, well there are two at different times.<BR><BR>I thought the answer was simple. I figured that when the logo was served, a session ID would be created. I hoped that this would be maintained while the logo was served until the surfer clicked to "come back" to my home page. Sadly not - the session ID does not survive. Interestingly enough, my stats software thinks that a session is still active.<BR><BR>I think I&#039m just missing something obvious. Assuming that the session finishes after the logo is served, how can I tie this back to an individual surfer when he re-enters a few minutes later. (Cookies are not an option). Perhaps some kind of IP check or browser check?<BR><BR>Any help much appreciated and well done for getting this far!