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    Is there a way that you can do a select statement and get the results back into let&#039s just say a record set and then do another select statement where you use the first recordset as the table in the select statement. Ex...<BR><BR>&#039This is where the recordset is created&#039<BR>Select * from table<BR>&#039Create RecordSet called "RStemp"&#039<BR><BR>&#039Then for the second select&#039<BR>select * from RStemp<BR><BR><BR>Is there some wa of doing this? Or anything similar. Please help me. Provide syntax to accomplish this please.

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    You can&#039t do that exactly. However, in SQL you can use what is called a derived table. That is, you can do something like:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM table)<BR><BR>Pretty freakin&#039 cool, in my opinion. There is an article on 4Guys that discusses dervied tables.<BR><BR>Derived Tables in SQL<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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