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    I don&#039t need to transfer the recordset into an array - I need actually to break one field into several bits - the number of bits being stored into another field (x). To store the bits (broken from the larger string) into an array, I need to dim the array to the second field&#039s value (x)<BR><BR>However dim bits(x) ; doesn&#039t work when x is the result from a field from the database. I&#039m assuming I need to translate x into a strict value.<BR><BR>thanks though

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    See if this does what you need. Declare the array like this...<BR><BR> Dim bits()<BR><BR>And then after you&#039ve determined how big to make the array..<BR><BR> ReDim bits(x)<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default worked, thanks - n/t

    simple but sound

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