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    Can someone tell me what is the proper syntax for this statement<BR> If objRStest.Fields("CommonName") &#060;&#062; session ("LOGON_USER") and lastname = "" Then<BR> response.write "It&#039s right"<BR>My question is what is the proper syntax for "and" in the statement above. For somehow it doesn&#039t like the "and" in my if statement. Thank you

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    for better result try this one<BR>If strcomp(objRes("filedname"),session("logon_user"), 1)&#060;&#062;0 and lastname="" then<BR><BR>good luck

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    Where is the last name coming from?<BR>if from teh database then do this:<BR>If objRStest.Fields("CommonName") &#060;&#062; session ("LOGON_USER") and objRStest.Fields("lastname") = "" Then<BR>--------------------------------<BR>IF HOWEVER LAST NAME COMES FROM FORM THEN:<BR>use request("lastname")<BR>-------------------------------------<BR>Hope this helps.<BR>Good Luck.

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