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    Sagi Guest

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    hi<BR>what is the best book<BR>to asp + vbscript ?<BR>(i have no time lernning<BR> javascript)<BR>

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    Ivan101 Guest

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    I would say if you want to learn ASP + Vbscript then I would recommend Beginning ASP 3.0 by WROX, this book is a good beginner book compared to other ASP book out there, I tried 2 other books which are ASP 24 hours and ASP 21 Days, I would say the wrox book made my learning really fast. you will be surprised that you are not only learning ASP but vbscript at the same time....hope this helps

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    ASP 3.0 from Wrox is the best to start the learning process.<BR>Welcome to the world of Web Development.<BR>Good Luck.

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