I am wondering if I can have an ASP page create a new user account within a group on my NT server IIS 4.0 box.<BR><BR>My goal is to limit concurrent connections to one connection for one username. I will do this with ASP,a database, and NTFS.<BR><BR>I will first check with NTFS to see if the user has rights the website via Challenge/Response. If they do then the ASP page will first search to see if they are already logged on if they arent then the ASP page will log them into the database but if they are then they will be redirected to an error page.<BR><BR>If another user tries to log on with that same username NTFS will allow them to get the page but the ASP will check to see if there logged on or not and spit out the appropriate page accordingly. <BR><BR>This is the best solution I have come up with limiting connections to only 1 connection per user name. If anyone has a better idea then let me know. sunburst6@yahoo.com