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    Max G. Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi --<BR><BR>I was talking recently with a fellow Web Designer, and the topic of Page Size came up. Of course, everyone knows that the smaller in K your complete pages (HTML, graphics, everything) the faster they will download to a user. Generally, I try and keep pages to under 40k, but my feeling is this is kind of an arbitrary thing, and that their is a 1:1 relationship between the small size of the page and the performance increase. (That is, if a page is 50% smaller, it will be 50% faster).<BR><BR>My friend argued that in fact the optimum page size was 32k or under because of a bunch of low level technical stuff involving packets and things I didn&#039t understand. I got the feeling he might be taking advantage of my lack of in depth TCP/IP knowledge, and making himself look (artificially) good in the process.<BR><BR>But, egos aside, IS THERE AN OPTIMUM PAGE SIZE, and if so, for what specific (and technical) reasons?<BR><BR>Thank you for your time,<BR><BR>Maximillian Grant

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    icabod Guest

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    Well... I agree with your average maximum page size (40k). the difference between 40k and 32k on a 56k modem is roughly half a second. I know nothing of a "TCP/IP Packet thingy" that would make and even more significant change in speed.<BR><BR>You must also bear in mind that HTML is a sort of scripting langauge. If you use frontpage (EVIL! :), then you are generating a lot of reduntant code and non-standard HTML... that may cause browsers to choke on the actual CODE itslef, not the graphics.. so keeping page size down to 32k may logically reduce the amount of time it takes to download. <BR><BR>What it comes down to is that if you must implement a design, do so as efficiently as possible, much like you would your ASP code. Compress your graphics, etc, etc.. you get the point.. page size (in K) is just a small piece of the puzzle. If you practice good HTML design, you should be able to get away with 40k just fine.

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