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    Can anyone give me any pointers on how to speed up my Access database?<BR>I have added lots of code to provide alternative search results to users if there is no match for their search criteria and this seems to have slowed the search ALOT.<BR>Is there some adjustments I can make to the actual database???<BR>Can someone please help as this is giving me serious headaches!!<BR><BR>Please please help<BR><BR>Catherine

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    It would probably be helpful if you provided some information or examples of your code and database structure. It&#039s difficult to address speed problems without seeing what&#039s under the hood :-)

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    look up<BR>http://www.learnasp.com/learn/advice.asp<BR>http://www.learnasp.com/learn/speedtips.asp<BR><BR>jw<BR>megamicro.com<BR><BR>

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