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    fitse Guest

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    Hi all,<BR>I have a .exe file that I want to put on a server and give users the access to execute it without having to download it to their local machine. Is that possible???? Please let me know if anyone out there has any info.... Thanks

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    rajit Guest

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    what kind of .exe is this?<BR><BR>if it is a DCOM (out of process), then yeah... you can access it from client, but if your .exe is just a stand-alone exe then I don&#039t think it is possible to access with out having to download on to the end users machine.

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    fitse Guest

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    Rajit,<BR>Basically, the file is called TDemo.exe and it is in a folder with 7 different files and it needs these files to run. This may sound silly but how do I find out what kind of .exe it is??? Under properties, it just says it&#039s an application. Thanks in advance<BR><BR>fitse

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    rajit Guest

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    looks like you have a stand-alone application residing on the server. I don&#039t think there is an easy way you can execute it on end-user machine without downloading. <BR><BR>what exactly this TDemo.exe is supposed to do. If your app is just some kind of a demo package, I think you can get away by using ActiveX control (browser dependent) or may be an Applet (browser independent).<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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