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    Michael Fraser Guest

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    When I try and create a new project I get the following errors<BR><BR>Cannot create disk-based Web application in &#060;dir&#062;. You cannot configure<BR>&#060;dir&#062; as a FrontPage web because the directory &#060;dir&#062; above it is already<BR>configured as a FrontPage Web. You can open that web instead.<BR><BR>I just started developing in InterDev and I am not sure what is happening other than my lack of knowledge.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Michael<BR>

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    tabby Guest

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    It sounds like a problem a friend of mine had earlier today... he tried to create the new project inside the virtual root directory. He created it in another folder altogether (a copy of that is automatically configured in the virtual root) and it seemed to work OK.

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