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    HI<BR> I have a string, and I want to know how many characters in that string is upper case. Does anybody know how to do that in ASP?<BR>PLEASE HELP<BR>ie.<BR><BR>Str = "ABCcdeF"<BR><BR>answer should bw 4<BR><BR><BR>Thanx in advance<BR>

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    On your fingers! (Sorry, just had to have a minor sarcasm factor.)<BR><BR>Seriously, though, get a regular expression as such<BR><BR>ucCheck.pattern = "[A-Z]"<BR> = true<BR>ucCheck.ignoreCase = false<BR>set ucCounter = ucCheck.exeucute(myString)<BR>ucCount = ucCounter.count<BR><BR>and ideally it will give you the right number!<BR><BR>Hope it helps.<BR>

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    Thanx alot SPG<BR><BR>U had one line missing and u had wrong spelling for execute<BR>other then that Its beautiful. Thanx alot again I really appreciated. I would not have figure that out without ur help<BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Dim ucCheck <BR>Set ucCheck = New RegExp <BR>

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