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    I am developing an intranet application in IE5 using ASP and Javascript. there is a "logoff" button on every page and it brings the user to the logon page. but the user can still use "back" button to enter the application. Is there a way to prevent the user from entering other pages without logging on first? <BR>this is kinda urgent... Thanks a million!

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    Well surely you&#039ve got some session-esqe variable you give them to signify logon-edness, right? Just cancel it on logout and, at the top of every page, put an If statement testing for the logon value. If it fails, don&#039t serve the page.<BR><BR>Note that this won&#039t protect against them using the back button (they&#039re probably just seeing their browser&#039s cache), but it will protect against them loading new pages and posting new data.

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    set a session variable (maybe their memberid) when they login, and set the variable to null when they logoff.<BR><BR>Add a check within each page you don&#039t want them to be able to access. Check for valid data in the session variable you set when they logged on, if it isn&#039t valid redirect them back to the login screen.

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