Basically my problem is this: I have to import a foxpro 2.5 table into access 2000. Access 97 allowed for a foxprox 2.5 table type, but that is gone with 2000 and I am forced to use ODBC. So I am using the TransferDatabase method appropriately, and I copy all fields over, and that works fine. <BR><BR>The problem comes when I want to delete the file through code. I can&#039t delete it because for some reason it is still open via ODBC. I can&#039t even open the table in foxpro for DOS. I have to exit entirely out of access to do anything. Any suggestions?<BR>Here is my code:<BR><BR>&#039(it fits on one line in my code..) This code is in a module <BR>&#039that is called from a main form.<BR><BR>DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "ODBC Database", "ODBC;DSN=wseval", acTable, strInputFile, strInputFile, False, False<BR><BR><BR>&#039and here is the code after i&#039ve copied all the data over that <BR>&#039I use to try and delete the file.<BR><BR>Kill Forms!main!txtFileName<BR><BR><BR>Any information regarding this matter would be appreciated...<BR>Thanks in advance...<BR>