I am trying to use Richard Chisolms method for viewing access reports in a web browser by exporting them as snapshot files, <BR>but it seems to stop when it reaches the following section: <BR><BR>Set objAccess = Server.CreateObject("Access.Application")<BR>objAc cess.Visible = False<BR>objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase Server.MapPath(strDbName)<BR>With objAccess.DoCmd<BR> .OpenReport strRptName, acViewPreview, strFilter, strWhere<BR> .OutputTo acOutputReport, , "Snapshot Format", _<BR> Server.MapPath(".") & "snapfiles\" & strSnapFile<BR> .Close<BR>End With<BR><BR>It opens the database, but has problems either when it tries to open the report or export it. No error messages are displayed, the browser just waits until it times out and says it can&#039t find the server. <BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated, since I am getting desparate trying to get this to work. <BR><BR>Many thanks, <BR><BR>Gavin