Hi all,<BR><BR>I am developing a search facility whereby the user may select from several options to narrow the database search.<BR><BR>In order to limit the number of &#039not found - please go back...&#039 messages , I have coded a large number of alternative searches for every search option , so that results nearest to the search criteria will be returned.<BR><BR>However, this appears to have slowed down the search considerably.<BR>Does anyone have any advice on how to optimise the search speed?<BR><BR>I have tried to &#039nest&#039 my if statements in relevant sections (I&#039m coding in vbscript) but it doesn&#039t seem to have made any difference.<BR><BR>I have also considered creating a &#039break&#039 screen that lets the user know that it is searching, but don&#039t know how to go about this.<BR><BR>Please help this asp, vbscript and database novice!!<BR><BR>Kate