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    I want to create survery which will launch when user come to my website, also i want to save the cookie or something so next time they visit the page it don&#039t show that survey. Any help ?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>farhan Shah<BR>Bosch Co.

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    Well, I don&#039t have much time to get into specific details right now, but one way you can do it: There are tons of scripts out there that have cookies that will tell you how many times a person has been to your site, via cookie (I think htmlgoodies.com has one). Get one of those, then your asp will be something like:<BR>IF request.cookies("num_times") = "" THEN<BR> survey="onLoad=window.open(&#039survey.html&#039)" <BR>ELSE<BR> survey=""<BR>END IF<BR><BR>put this before your body tags, then in the body tag be sure to put: &#060;%=survey%&#062; and that should do it.

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