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    Pari Guest

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    i want to give a link to the field retrieved frm the getstring.<BR>the query is <BR>select f1,f2,f3,f4 from table<BR><BR>the o/p expected isa table of three coulms <BR>-----------------------------<BR>F2 F3 F4<BR>-----------------------------<BR>abc 111 222<BR>------------------------------<BR><BR>where abc isa link to filename.asp?id=f1<BR><BR>i could create the hyperlink thru the column delimiters but how do i put the value of single cloumn for the querystring<BR>i.e. <BR>the abc currently points to "filename.asp?" , but i can tpass on the value<BR>plz help me out<BR><BR>thanx in advance<BR>pari<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    You lose all access to hardcore formatting with getString.<BR>You can not access the individual fields. Its just a string that is created instantly and on the fly.<BR><BR>You might like getRows better.<BR><BR><BR>

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