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    Hello,<BR> i am displaying a field value from a database in a table in an asp page and want to display the same value in the next page which will appear when i press the submit button.<BR> but i am not able to get that value because i am dispalying the field value in a table directly(i.e,no text box),so i am not getting using request object. so can anyone tell me how can i get that value?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Keerthi

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    harishsc@yahoo.com Guest

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    u can use a hidden field(genuine idea) or pass the value as query string(genuine idea) or else can use a session variable(stupid idea) and there is no any other way. If u could find any other solution please let me know

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    Pari Guest

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    u store the the value frm the record set in a "variable"<BR>and <BR>&#060;form method="GET" action="fname.asp?&#060;%variable%&#062;"&#062;<BR ><BR>and on the next page, retieve using<BR>xx=request.querystring<BR><BR>hope this works out<BR><BR>pari

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    zaf_hm@yahoo.com Guest

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    i think u can doit easily.create one form field which you have to kept hidden.then request the form for same value.u will get easily.the responce is the same.

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    kampupot Guest

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    i agree on what he said

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    totoy Guest

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    i also agree on what kampupot said

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    krishna Guest

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    use &#060;input type=hidden name="somename" value= your database field value" and use request.form("somename") to get thjat value.<BR>or<BR>add the value to querystring to url

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