I&#039m new to ASP. I have this feedback webpage written in Javascript with over 30 functions. Now I&#039d like to change this client-side script into server-side script. So I decide to use ASP and test on my PWS. I&#039ll not use VBScript &#039cause that I think that means major mod for the code. <BR><BR>The question is I&#039m not sure if I need to use JSCript or keep using Javascript. Can Javascript be used as server-side language for ASP? DO I USE JAVASCRIPT OR JSCRIPT??? Or both are OK for server-side script? So at the 1st line of code, I write:<BR>&#060;%@ Language=Javascript %&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;%@ Language=JScript %&#062;<BR><BR>Thank you for any of you can give a hand on this!<BR>Rich (If possible, also mail me at zhengc@uci.edu thank you!)